Sewer System Maintenance with Bio-Clean

Do you know how your septic tank works?

There are many different system designs, but septic systems generally function similarly.  Your septic tank is designed to allow bacteria and enzymes to biodegrade waste.  The process converts organic waste into water, carbon dioxide and small amounts of mineral matter.  Solids will sink while soap and grease floats in the tank.  A drain field is designed to let only clean water leave the tank through lateral pipes into sand or gravel, which acts as a final filter before the water enters the ground.

Unfortunately, chemicals, detergents, bowl cleaners, bleaches, anti-bacterial soaps, and food preservatives inhibit natural bacterial action within the septic tank and sewer system.  This causes solids to accumulate in the septic system, which can flow out of the drain field and clog pipes.

Natural Sewer Maintenance

At 1st Plumbing Services, we recommend using Bio-Clean, an environmentally safe and effective clog remover, for periodic maintenance of septic tanks and your main sewer line.  The special combination of natural bacteria and enzymes in Bio-Clean are formulated to biodegrade synthetic organics that normally clog sewer systems.  The bacteria and enzymes literally digest dead organic waste in pipes and sewer systems.

The active bacteria and enzymes in Bio-Clean will defy gravity, eating their way up down and across any pipe or sewer system.  Using Bio-Clean as a sewer system maintenance treatment keeps your pipes and main sewer line clear of organic waste and build-up.

Bio-Clean is a green alternative to harmful chemical treatments that clears sewer system clogs and natural build-up.  Consumers today are choosing green alternatives to a wide range of products containing harmful chemicals to maintain a healthy home and lifestyle.

The licensed plumbers at 1st Plumbing Services will clear your toughest clogged sewer line and recommend preventing future plumbing problems with environmentally safe Bio-Clean – a maintenance solution that is beneficial to your plumbing system.

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